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New Year, New You

By: Levy Schroeder, Executive Director How did 2019 get here so quickly? Who remembers Y2K when we thought the whole world was going to collapse or blow up or something? Fortunately nothing like that ever happened, and here we are, starting the new year once again, and I’ll bet most people are excited about a […]

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Playscape Capers

It’s an ancient idea made new again—a space where kids can be outdoors, immersed in nature, roaming, exploring, experimenting, imagining, and inventing their own playtime experiences. Natural playscapes are popping up all over the world, and we are proud to have recently opened the largest in the country (3 acres) and the first of its […]

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Leading an Environmentally Friendly Life

Reduce Ah,  Reducing. The first “R.” Often times  we forget about this practice. As a society, we focus more on trying to recycle rather than using less of them. However, there is a reason for the order in which the three R’s of the environment are placed. Reducing is the first practice to leading a […]

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