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Thumbs Up For Volunteers!

On any given day, there are myriad things to be done at Wesselman Woods—sweeping the walkways, repairing boardwalks, mulching the trails, cooking syrup, keeping an eye on the kiddos at the Nature Playscape, keeping the birdfeeders filled, caring for our animals, answering the phone, helping with a preschool class… I could go on and on.

It’s a busy place, getting busier all the time, with additional programs, activities, events, and increased number of visitors coming to check out the Nature Playscape. We have a remarkable staff that manages it all (most are part-time), and they rely heavily on the time and talent from our volunteers.  Fortunately, with the help of our many volunteers, we are able to deliver the high quality programming and amazing facilities, while keeping the costs as low as possible. We are nothing if not responsible with our funding!

The point is, the place just might fall down without our Wednesday work crew. We could not possibly offer as many educational programs as we do without our volunteer helpers. Our events wouldn’t be as much fun, the ambassador animals would get grumpy, and our staff would be really sad if they couldn’t continue developing new programs if we didn’t have our fun-loving, devoted team of committed volunteers to help us.

They do it because they have a strong love for Wesselman Woods. They do it because they feel good about “giving back” to a cause they care about very deeply. They do it because they have friends here, because they have fun working together, because their efforts are meaningful to us and to the people who visit. You’ll recognize our volunteers by their distinctive Wesselman Woods baseball caps. When you see them, please help us recognize their work with a big, happy thumbs up. They deserve it!

We’ll be honoring our volunteers at a banquet Thursday night—stay tuned for photos and stories…

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