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Zach Garcia

Phone: 812 479-0771
Extension: 102

No time for a field trip? Borrow a Traveling Nature Trunk! Nature Trunks are themed educational resource kits available for loan for use in a classroom, home school, church, or any other children’s group activity.

Each Trunk is designed to address multiple grade levels and Indiana Academic Standard, so activities can be customized to fit classroom needs.

A typical Trunk might include: field guides, informational books, story books, posters, videos, specimens, models, puppets, craft ideas, nets, magnifying glasses, teacher’s resource guides and reproducible worksheets, lesson plans, picture files, puzzles, games, coloring pages and MORE!

Cost for a 2-week rental is $15. A $50 refundable deposit is also required. 

All About Birds 
From identification marks, adaptations of beaks and feet, breeding, nesting, migration information, and the mechanics of flight, to conservation and do’s and don’ts of bird feeding, teachers and students learn “all about birds.” (Trunk made possible by a grant from the Evansville Audubon Society.)

Eggs & Nests 
Taking bird education a step further, real eggs and nests, accompanying literature, books, posters, and pictures provide students with an up-close look at bird reproduction. (Trunk made possible by the Wesselman Nature Society.)

Butterflies & Moths 
Since chasing butterflies seems to be a favorite pastime of children, this trunk allows students a chance to explore these beautiful creatures in depth. Information about both butterflies and moths are included. (Trunk made possible by a grant from the Junior League of Evansville.)

Provides materials to help teachers and their students explore the amazing world of insects. Books, specimens, posters, and hands-on materials included. (Trunk made possible by the Wesselman Nature Society.)

Nature Detectives 
Who made that footprint? What kind of bone could that be? Who left that scat? This trunk lets students become “sleuths” as they learn to recognize the many clues animals leave behind while foraging and moving about. Lets children put their scientific skills to work as they hypothesize the animal’s actions. (Trunk made possible by a grant from the Junior League of Evansville.)

Raptors Rule! 
The top spot on the food pyramid for many ecosystems includes awesome predators like hawks, owls, eagles, etc. Teachers and students will learn fascinating facts and life histories of our many Birds of Prey. (Trunk made possible by a donation from the Nussmeier Family.)

Geology Rocks!
Fossils, rock, gems, minerals, and land formations are all discussed in this Trunk full og guides, books, posters, and specimens. Great for sparking interest in young “Rock Hounds.” (Trunk made possible by a donation from the Nussmeier Family.)

Arachnids & Their Kin 
Creepy, crawly spiders, tarantulas, scorpions, ticks and mites come to life through the information found in this Trunk’s books, posters, and picture files. Teachers will also find puppets, activities and crafts to make this subject pretty cool to learn about. (Tunk made possible by a grant from the Evansville Audubon Society.)

Assembled and donated to us by the Izaak Walton League, this Trunk provides activities, posters, and videos to assist teachers in explaining the importance of wetlands. Contains information about wildlife that depend upon wetlands for their survival. 

Download Traveling Nature Trunk Brochure (324 KB | PDF)

To reserve your Traveling Nature Trunk, contact Zach Garcia (information above)