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One of the largest urban wetlands in Indiana, this unique ecosystem is an appealing year-round location for education and enjoyment. The 35-acre property includes a variety of habitats, including a marsh, slough and remnant river oxbow. You’re invited to explore and enjoy, using the more than 2 miles of hiking trails, crossing wooden walkways, and bridges.

Conservation Station

In the spring of 2009, Wesselman Nature Society completed the first phase construction of a new Conservation Station designed to expand the educational opportunities at the wetlands. Currently, the facility features permeable sidewalk, energy efficient lighting and water supply, and recycled plastic railings (from a local source). Solar panels on the roof provide power to the building. 


Howell Wetlands
1400 S. Tekoppel Rd.
Evansville, IN 47712


When Westbound on the Lloyd Expressway, take the Tekoppel Exit. Go South for about 2 miles. Before Barker Ave., the wetlands will be on your left.

When Eastbound on the Lloyd Expressway, take the Barker Exit. Proceed south on Barker to Broadway Ave. Turn right on Broadway then right on Tekoppel. Go about 100 feet and turn right into Howell Wetlands.


Help keep the land beautiful by observing these guidelines:

  • Foot traffic only. 
No bicycles or mechanized vehicles are allowed. Jogging is also prohibited. These activities disturb hikers and wildlife. Strollers are permitted if kept on the trail.
  • Stay on designated trails. 
Off trail hiking results in significant damage to the plants and animals that live on the forest floor.
  • Pets are permitted in the wetlands. 
Pets are permitted but must remain on a leash at all times.
  • No harvesting. Please leave all rocks, feathers, leaves, bones, etc. in place for the enjoyment of future visitors and the continued health of the ecosystem.
  • No fishing. Fishing is not permitted at Howell Wetlands.
  • No swimming or wading. Please stay on the boardwalks and trails at all times.
  • Smoking is not permitted. 
Please extinguish all items before entering the property.
  • Feeding wild animals is prohibited. 
Please enjoy the animals from a safe distance. Feeding animals human food is detrimental to the health of those animals.
  • Do not litter. 
Litter lessens the quality of the outdoor experience for everyone, and can be a hazard to wildlife. If you would like to pick up litter along your hike, bring a trash bag with you.